Friday, February 20, 2009

Pear Appeal

Every new year in our life brings in something new. No matter how small the discovery, it is so surprising to me that there was always something out there that I either never heard of or saw or tried. Somewhat at the beginning of this year , quite by accident, ( or shall I call it and unexpected sale) I have discovered Ya(or Yali ) pears. So many times before I have passed indifferently by those unappealing piles of carefully wrapped fruit at out Farmers Market. I'm not much of a pear person more of an apple one, so I never felt tempted to buy. A lowered price caught my eye and suddenly buying a fruit that is so meticulously wrapped seemed like an adventure. A curiosity kicked in. I've put few in my cart and didn't even remember to open until I came home. Wow ! An artist in me instantly fell in love with its fragility and almost unreal yellow, speckled by tiny burnt sienna dots. The taste and smell was even better then its look. I bought so many afterward. Every time before I savor its juices I carefully peal of labels stuck on every fruit and paste them on a paper. Even these little things looked like a piece of art to me and some even ended up in my journal ( becoming almost a pear worshiper here, am I ?) So I guess, from now on, I can officially pass as a pear person.


Stempelchaotin said...

OMG this is just perfect.
I love pears. Just stunning.

stamp and scrape said...

Your writing just drew me in to the picture (no pun intended) - this whole entry is lovely - thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...