Friday, May 28, 2010

Cherry Red and Sooo Summery

Oh the wishing and the dreaming...It's even better than shopping! Isn't this the perfect shoe for bare feet? Are you ready for summer yet? Weather is already hot here in ATL , kids are out of school and vacation is just around the corner but I ... I want to dream... of this piece of perfection and some olden days when going to the farmers market to buy wooden sole clogs and slides meant for sure that summer is moving in and we can forget about socks, and play outdoors all day long with just a slice of fruit jellied bread and glass of milk to keep us going until dusk.

I'm filling up some journal pages fast lately. Experimenting with colors and color combinations allowing myself to be inspired by just about anything in a world: nature, cultures, moods and weather even calendar days. It's liberating and fun as summer is suppose to be to.