Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dipping Deeper in a Jar of Life

Or "Happy birthday to Me"
Life is this perfect , incomprehensibly , sweet and simple thing that we manage to turn( daily) into something more complicated and harder to digest. The final product is always a mystery that never fails to inspire and outrage us at the same time. Why can't we just leave it as it was meant to be : sweet and simple? Oh no. So here I find myself dipping deeper into new and sometimes seemingly incompatible matter experimenting with every year that Lord gave me more and more. Something like these strawberries that started off as a perfect spring fruit that needed nothing more, but in spite of that perfection it ended up being dressed in many, very creative ways.
We love them plain but nevertheless we cant can't resist the urge to change them. And sometimes we love the change ...
and sometimes we just feel it is"good for us".

Sometimes we crave that bizarre and luscious transformation that makes us want more and more of it...

sometimes it's a complete surprise and we just go with it until we get used to the taste of change.