Friday, January 9, 2009

Fountain of youth

I always hear people say that it is not about how old you really are but about how old you feel. Well, if I go by my feelings I would say I have a very slim chances to ever feel a minute older than ,say, twenty six-ish. You know, that golden moment when you are still gorgeous, positive and full of expectations and at the same time out of teens (Thank you Lord! ). But then... life rolls on you some pretty visible film of disappointments, missed opportunities, longing and God knows whats that especially bothers you when you pass one of those treacherous mirrors that seem to be hanging in every darn room. I want to know how do you deal with that duality when you look yourself in the eye and there you are: forty, fifty, sixty five... and still feeling, you know, your perfect age ? Do you stop and try to talk some sense into your younger self demanding immediate resignation? Or do you convince yourself that that double chin is there just because lighting in the bathroom is so miserable and you should, as of today, replace that bulb with an advertised one that sheds warm glow and renders more flattering image of you? Or do you fall into a habit of brushing your teeth , combing your hair and even putting a make-up with out even seeing yourself standing there? I admit I tried all of the above at lest once and have especially grown fond of the last one. Less lies and also it makes you go through you daily routine faster and more efficiently. I still like the idea that we are only as old or as young as we feel because it's what's in us that counts. Body wears off sooner or later. Is it an eternity that we need to keep in mind in order to stay for ever young?

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Heather Robinson said...

This has always been a very wise song for me too!....I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this piece as well as reading your thoughts on aging. I was nodding my head as I was doing so. Thank you so much for participating in the challenge this week.